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Access to Moodle
  • You must have requested registration in Moodle. And you must have received a username and password default. The acceptance of our privacy policies is mandatory in compliance with the GPDR (European Data Protection Regulation). Depending on the requested role, May be the webmaster will accept the privacy policy agreement the first time on behalf your on Moodle, because you first requested registration by form and accepted our privacy policy. Indicate that user logs will be stored for a period of 1,000 days. Later its elimination will be automatic by the system.
  • You can login here in 3 ways:
  1. Entering your user and password. Or
  2. With Google:  Only If in your registration you delivered a gmail account, then you can log in with Google.  Or
  3. With Wordpress (only avalaible for managers IBSPE-Moodle).
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