The project will develop descriptions of necessary basic skills in different professions in order to motivate both businesses and employees. Furthermore, they will develop new training methods as well as an online platform, which not only allows for an exchange between teachers, trainers and students, but includes training modules so that teachers and trainers can develop their methods online. The methodology involves aspects of traditional and creative formal education methods as well as informal education methods. (Erasmus+ IBSPE Project, Prios. Norway). [Read more]


By 2025 almost half of all jobs in Europe will need highly skilled workers. The IBSPE project will help to equip Europeans with more and better basic skills and improve the methodes to teach such skills.

Finalizing the IBSPE project

IBSPE project

Improving Basic Skills for People in Employment Norway, November 6, 2017. Start of the project. Jo Sakariassen, project leader, during the initial meeting. In the lower left margin,…